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Chicken? Deep fried please! August 15, 2006

Posted by asianpixmen in Food, Malaysia.

A lot of Malaysians like their chicken deep-fried, crispy and golden in colour.

Chicken pieces done this way are common in what we call the mamak restaurants or the Indian restaurants. Because of the diversity of races, food tastes are inter-related after about 100 years or so.

The Chinese, Indians and Malays learn to love each other’s cuisine, one way or the other.


1. adam - August 24, 2006

what is recipe for it la

2. asianpixmen - August 24, 2006

Well, as you can see, we are also multi-talented. If you want a recipe instead of pictures, here goes – even if we are not anywhere a near to being a mamak or Colonel Sanders:

The batter:

Two Cups Flour (If you can get the Japanese tempura flour, so much the better).
Two eggs, both with yolks removed.
Some honey (the eatable kind, from bee hives)
Some water.
Salt to taste.

Mix the flour, eggs (you will have to figure out how to remove the yolk, buddy), and honey. Then add in water and slowly stir the mix to the consistency that when you dip your fingers into the batter and take it out, the batter will leave a thin coat onto it. That is thr right consistency.

Then you put oil into your frying pan so that it is enough to cover submerge the meat and heat it up. Once it is hot enough (you can see slight smoke emanating from its surface).

Dip the chicken in the batter and fry away.

It may not taste like Kentucky’s but what the heck, nothing tastes as good as what you whip up.

Beer is an optional accompaniment though.

3. glenn - August 26, 2006

where can you buy tempura flour ?

4. asianpixmen - August 26, 2006

You can find tempura flour in any reputable supermarket. For example, Giant, Tesco, Carrefour or even Jusco. Just ask any supermarket assistant.

Good luck, Glenn.

5. omer - February 26, 2007

mmmmmmmmnnnn pie

6. asianpixmen - February 28, 2007


7. winniethepooh - March 2, 2007

I sure miss all those asian foods in Singapore and Malaysia..i wanna go home now!! The Goreng Pisang, Mee Siam, Laska/Penang Laska, Satay, Hokkien Mee, Chaw Kway Tiao, Satay Beehoon, carrot cake…arghhhhhh

8. bike insurance - January 16, 2008

hmmmmm chicken. I went to a satay house in melaka. first place I ever tried shark fin and squid. great food. must go back there again.

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