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The Wild Oxen – Seladang August 15, 2006

Posted by asianpixmen in Fauna/Animals, Nature.

 The Indian Gaur, locally known as the seladang, is one of the largest species of wild oxen. In fact, the name gaur comes from the Hindi word which means large ox! The animal of burden can weight up to 1,700lbs and be as tall as two metres at shoulder height.



1. tita cediel - November 29, 2006

hey i am doing a prgect at my school could youll give me some info on thw wild oxen . and later on you could put pictures and information on the web for people like me. ooooh do you know any other web pages i can go to for the wild oxen ?


2. asianpixmen - November 29, 2006
3. okole - May 13, 2007

from a tour of duty in viet nam i observed seladang and was surprised by their blue eyes. why is this? mahalo

4. d brad johnson - October 18, 2007

i love these animals!!!

5. al3boshi - October 29, 2009

wanna know bout wau more 🙂
i gonna compliting my folio…….
i will able story bout wau :p
please help me yaw! ^-^

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