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Malaysian Traditional Kite – Wau Bulan August 16, 2006

Posted by asianpixmen in Craft, Malaysia.

The Malaysian Moonkite or Wau Bulan is also a great work of art. Just look at the shape and intricate patterns on its body. The bow near the triangular head is a wind device that allows the kite to hum when flying in strong winds.



1. Kitul Mandeliar - January 4, 2007

Nice Picture. However, this is not a picture of a Moon Kite or Wau Bulan. It is a picture of a Peacock Kite or Wau Merak. A Moon Kite or Wau Bulan has a Crescent Like tail. You can find their images if you google in the net.

2. Elaine - May 15, 2007

I need advise on how to buy a wau bulan and how to check in to present as a gift. Please advise.

3. Kitul Mandeliar - August 9, 2007

wau bulan comes in different sizes and purpose. if you intend to fly it, the suitable size is at least 4 feet. Display wau bulan sizes ranges from 6 inches to 4 feet or more. Wau bulan made for display are not suitable to be flown.

Small wau bulan for display of 6 inches to 18 inches can easily be packed and cheked in as luggages or hand carried.

There are also 4 feet wau bulan made for both display and flyable. Some of which are foldable and can easily be packed and cheked in as fragile luggages.

4. amiera shakirah - October 4, 2007

i want to know how to make a small wau…

5. shti - March 6, 2008


6. fazran - March 7, 2008

what tools do we have to use to make a wau

7. Villemin Casandra Joenie Sameephon - March 10, 2008

I want more imformaton about WAU or others MALAYSIAN TRADISIONAL GAMES ..Can someone help me ???email the imformation to me in English or Bahasa Melaysia form.


8. Sarah - March 14, 2008

i wanna know every single detail about wau
can u pls tell the links where i can find details about it??
Pls email it to me asap….tks

9. asianpixmen - March 16, 2008

Wau is basically a kite made Kelantan style. The wau of Kelantan is well known for its intricate work and its size.

For generations, the wau of Kelantan has been representative of the State. Some say that a lot of cultural influence came from its past which has links to Thailand and perhaps even a little further into ancient Indochina.

But the Kelantan wau stands even today as an elegant example of its rich heritage and culture. It symbolises the strength and beauty of the land and its people.

Kelantan folks take great pride in their wau which they show off at the slightest opportunity. In the old days, they used to have wau competition. It is a serious business. Much pride is involved. Rightly so, too.

10. =D - March 18, 2008

yo guys. i need (really really really really need to know about the WAU plsplsplsplspls HELPHELP HELP HELP!!!


your best friend =D

11. kasidah_cute93 - March 19, 2008

hi…i just want to know about wau….(i really really really really need to know about the wau…….) plsplspls help…..

thank you


fadhir - January 12, 2011

demo nok belaja buat wau keee nampak berminat sangat….kawe buleh bantu….

12. epa - March 20, 2008

wanna know bout wau more 🙂
i gonna compliting my folio…….
i will able story bout wau :p
please help me yaw! ^-^

13. asianpixmen - March 23, 2008

According to some wau lovers, Wau season is during harvest time and the colours and shape of the kite are dependent on the skills and knowledge of its makers.

There are many types of wau. The most popular being the Wau Bulan. Others are wau ikan, wau merak (peacock), and wau kuching.

Some people have reported that the art of making Kelantan wau is also a closely guarded secret. Something about father passing on to son the family secrets and knowledge linked to the kites.

The national airline of Malaysia, MAS, has the wau as its symbol.

Kelantan wau are hand-painted and are made up of coloured paper and special threads. Even though wau making is no longer as prevalent as before, it is still being done in some villages.

The wing span of a wau is about 2.5 metres and the height of each wau is about 3.5 metres.Bamboo forms the main structure of the kite.

When wind conditions are right, a wau can reach a height of more than 450 metres.

The ancient art of wau making can be traced back to its roots in old Malacca where the royal court was said to indulge in it as a sport.

The two states in Peninsular Malaysia where wau is hugely popular are Kelantan and Terengganu. There are intermittent wau competitions held throughout the year.

During these competitions, the victorious party would be the one who came up with the most ingenious design and has achieved an unprecedented height in flight.

14. alvin chin - March 24, 2008

felix ngu,,,u no need find here man…..diu u lou mo high highj high2222222@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

15. shavagol - April 3, 2008

i need to know about wau. i mean can you tell me the one who really expert in making ‘wau’?

16. saravanan kannan - April 17, 2008

hey wassup man,did u all get any notes about national kites

17. Amaya - April 19, 2008

I could tell you about Wau cuz i am doing a research now. Email me!

18. DIANA JACKSON - April 20, 2008


19. noob aka hacker - April 23, 2008


20. condemned dude - May 3, 2008

wau wau wau i love wau ilove wau mummy loves wau pls be wau malaysians love wau who plays wau?

21. l zhi ying - May 8, 2008

i 1 2 find some picture of wau

22. l zhi ying - May 8, 2008

can u help me

23. l zhi ying - May 8, 2008


24. l zhi ying - May 8, 2008

i think no any people can help me

25. l zhi ying - May 8, 2008

what ever thks la

26. asianpixmen - May 8, 2008

I believe there’s another picture of wau somewhere in this blog.

27. affiq kacak - May 13, 2008

haloo nak knal tak ngan abang yang kseorgan nie..

28. affiq kacak - May 13, 2008

klo nak kenal add la dye_no_sour@yahoo.com.tau

29. ApiEz4Eka - May 14, 2008


-[i need some information about wau!!!!!!]-

30. nieyna_fina - May 16, 2008

korng tlg ak cri psl sjrh wau cz ak kne wt folio nie…….idop tnpa sjrh wau bgaikan idop tnpa nset…

31. c00kie - May 20, 2008

lol, there’s a lot of people looking for information about wau for their PMR sejarah thingy. I seen a lot of comments like this on other sites regarding wau too. xD
Good luck to all~~~

32. iman - May 27, 2008

saya perlukan semua maklumat tentang wau

33. asianpixmen - May 29, 2008

Dalam komen-komen tersebut, ada maklumat yang sudah dibincang. Anda boleh baca semua komen untuk projek sekolah.

34. sahira - June 3, 2008

wau is very interesting

35. =D - June 4, 2008

i need to know all about wau BUT IN MALAY !!!!!!
pls plsplspls plssss!!!!!!!!!

36. amalina - June 8, 2008

i wanna to take the pictuce of wau ikan please..
i want to complete my folio..
please find for me..

37. @!@!$$#%$%^&* - June 9, 2008

paha l tak dapat 2 ni samdo;l tol lah

38. 56366 - June 9, 2008


39. 56366 - June 9, 2008

wEi!!amalina ni mangkok a

40. NICK - June 12, 2008


41. NICK - June 12, 2008

tolong bg sy mklumat wau…..please!!!!!

42. awek cun - June 14, 2008

x perlu jd murahla bang.carila intenatif lain kalo nk cri awek..yeke abg ni kck????perasannye

43. Thomas Alexandra - June 19, 2008

I certainly like the design. I’m helping people make
chinese kites although simple designs.

44. begup - July 25, 2008

begup i finished me folio u kno!!

45. mayuki - July 28, 2008

di manakah saya boleh dapat tentang latar belakang wau-wau di malaysia?

46. mayuki - July 28, 2008

bolehkah someone help me and email me? ineed ur help for assignment…….. pls!! urgent!

47. ekhs - August 21, 2008

i luv 2 make wau

48. poops - July 14, 2009


49. al3boshi - October 29, 2009

wanna know bout wau more 🙂
i gonna compliting my folio…….
i will able story bout wau :p
please help me yaw! ^-^

50. MicygLxs3 - May 12, 2010

Good thought. I love it. Appreciate your posting

51. kalimi - June 30, 2010

who ever is interested about the malaysian traditional kite, please suft http://www.facebook.com, and type, kalimi tradisional kite maker. you can get to know more about kite and we also accepts order for who ever interested.. tq

52. emploi - January 2, 2012

we love malaysia

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