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The Nasi Dagang – Traders’ Rice August 20, 2006

Posted by asianpixmen in Culture, Food, Malaysia.

Nasi Dagang means trader’s rice or traveller’s rice. In the days of old, traders or travellers would equip themselves with such a necessity when travelling afar to trade. Basically, this is plain long grain rice cooked in spices and steamed in coconut milk. It is eaten with curried ikang aya (tuna). Unlike the Kelantan version which uses brown rice, the Terengganu nasi dagang uses white long grain rice and tastes much better and more ‘creamy’ or lemak.



1. tonixe - October 4, 2006

my pics more dagang like ! dunno bout the taste tho.

2. asianpixmen - October 8, 2006

Your nasi dagang is the Kelantan version. The one listed here is Terengganu’s. The difference lies in the rice. Kelantan uses unpolished or brown rice. Terengganu uses high quality long grains. Terengganu ones more fragrant.

3. BrownRice - December 2, 2006

However, Kelantanese version is much high in nutrional value due to the unpolished rice ( brown rice ).

As a compliment to the ” lemak “, you’ll get vitamins and minerals too with Nasi Dagang Kelantan !

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