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Let’s have some kacang putih March 30, 2007

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Malaysians, no matter how old they are, love kacang putih. The reason is simple. There are so many varieties that one or a few bound to catch your eye.

There’s nothing more satisfying than having several packets of kacang putih within reach when you are watching your favourite TV series or while you are watching a DVD. Kacang putih also goes down well with kopi-o or Milo, or Nescafe. Take your pick!


Penang Road after dark March 27, 2007

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There are lots of reasons why out-of-State residents and foreign visitors love Penang so much. Above are some of the visual factors that play an important part in the overall charm of the Pearl of the Orient.

This is the heart of Penang Road where there used to be a roundabout, if memory serves me right. However, Penang after dark finds its local folks just lying on marble slabs without a care in the world.

 It’s quite a normal behaviour. Some come on their bicycles for a breather while night life in all its myriad colours brighten up the street.There lies its quiet charm, its pleasant personality and its lingering feel-good ambience.

Somewhere up there in the clouds March 26, 2007

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I haven’t been up to Genting Highlands for years. For a long time, I didn’t really miss it because I have been to lands with colder climes.

Anyway, I was up there recently and its well landscaped environs were quite impressive. The variety of food was astounding, as were the prices. I guess the transportation of food items has something to do with its marked up prices.

The scenery was certainly breathtaking at certain angles. The clouds embrace the slopes like a snow-white quilt that refuses to go away. I like the fresh air, something that I reall miss when I am down there in the polluted valley!

360-degree view from revolving restaurant March 25, 2007

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 ONCE in a while, I get lucky and I wine and dine at a classy restaurant.

This happened recently athe Revolving Restaurant on top of Federal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The 360-degree sceneary was something to behold. The food was a matter of taste. Try it for fun.

Ta Pau all those dumplings! March 23, 2007

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In every village, town or city where there are pockets of Chinese, there will be coffeeshops and restaurants selling char siew pau, tau sar pau, sang yuk pau, siew mai, nor mai kai etc.

 These are the foods that have sustained the community for untold generations. The pau which is different from the man tau is ever so popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Not all pau stalls have high grade stuff. Sometimes, you get lucky. The good ones usually finish their supplies rather early. Good stuff will always be sold out.