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Penang Road after dark March 27, 2007

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Culture, Malaysia, People, Places.




There are lots of reasons why out-of-State residents and foreign visitors love Penang so much. Above are some of the visual factors that play an important part in the overall charm of the Pearl of the Orient.

This is the heart of Penang Road where there used to be a roundabout, if memory serves me right. However, Penang after dark finds its local folks just lying on marble slabs without a care in the world.

 It’s quite a normal behaviour. Some come on their bicycles for a breather while night life in all its myriad colours brighten up the street.There lies its quiet charm, its pleasant personality and its lingering feel-good ambience.



1. billy - March 27, 2007

penang people know how to relax and take it easy, without using too much money, like sitting around the esplanade or along gurney drive or along the road leading to the penang bridge…..you don’t have to spend too much money to relax in penang…thats the beauty of the place…

2. asianpixmen - March 30, 2007

Right on, Billy! Glad to meet a kindred spirit in these parts.

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