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Korean dramas now hold sway April 12, 2007

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If anybody were to tell me two years ago that there was this Korean wave sweeping across this region, I would have laughed at them. But times have changed and so have the tastes of TV viewers.

These days when you walk into any video shop, you are confronted by rows and rows of Korean drama series. Apparently, while the rest of the population were sleeping, others have been caught up in the inexorable thrust of Korean TV tales that are both gripping and captivating.

It seems Korean now produces some of the best family drama and love stories in the region. I guess you could say that our Korean friends have found the perfect solution to export their influence overseas.


1. Aronil - April 16, 2007

thanks guys for this posts.. helps quite a bit on umderstanding wat tv shows it is that peopl like in this new era ^_^ was the reality shows at one point…then again couldve shot off round the sane time with the korean dramas..do come round to my blog… ^_^

2. asianpixmen - April 17, 2007

Glad to be of service, Aronil.

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