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Sometimes man lives on alone … April 24, 2007

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Please, ladies and gentlemen, give me a moment. I really must extoll the virtues of this small bread factory in the heart of Bukit Mertajam. It “saved” many a dining day for me back about 17 years ago when I was staying in Taman Bukit Indah, next to the old St Anne’s Church.

Kamalia Bakery, as it is still called, has some of the finest freshly baked bengali roti I have ever come across. Only those of us who were privileged to remember the bengali bread of yore can praise it sky high.

These days, you can still find some remnants of what it used to be bengali roti but there are few places you can get a taste of the real McCoy. Bengali roti tastes best when you dip it in hot curry chicken. Forget the rice, just grab the roti.

The last time, I passed by Kamalia Bakery, I bought 12 loaves. All for a grand sum of about RM8.9o. Pretty cheap, eh?! That’s the charm and magic of small towns like Bukit Mertajam. It may not have the great shopping malls found in Klang Valley but there are still advantages that places like BM has that can’t be found in the cities.


1. blueheeler - April 24, 2007

these kind of mom&pop businesses is what I miss about the old S’pore I still remember. Now, everything is bought from an air-con supermarket served by nameless check-out girls, Before, every small neighbour shop was run by a familiar family that grew up along with me. And I swear, the bread of yesteryear tasted better than mass-manufactured bread.

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