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The Hokkiens call it “Or Chean” – it’s food for the rest of us! May 11, 2007

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Most Malaysians of Chinese descent will tell you that they have tasted or have at least tried “or chean”. It’s basically oysters fried with egg and some other stuff. Bits of veggie are thrown in, garlic and heaven knows what else.

The final outcome is one killer of a dish. The sauce is also essential to maximum culinary pleasure of this dish. Some hawkers or stalls concoct their own special sauce. Nobody really knows what goes into this sauce. So that’s the hawker’s secret.

Personally, I love it. Fresh from the wok and into the mouth. One can die with a smile after that. I was told by a very concerned friend once that the cholesterol from this dish is alarming. My reply was “hey, once in three months is not going to kill anybody!”



1. Jade - May 11, 2007

The oyster is BIG. I’m craving for a plate of ‘oh chean’ now. Where’s the place?

2. asianpixmen - May 12, 2007

Try New Lane in Penang.

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