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Korean food – something different for a change May 13, 2007

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Everybody talks about hokkien char, nasi lemak, nasi dagang, T-bone steak, roast duck, etc. In my household, the current craze is for Korean cuisine. It all started with those Korean drama series.

Everybody thought it was so much fun to try our Asian neighbour’s culinary treats as well. So one weekend after discovering that there’s a “Little Korea” near Ampang Point, we took off.

True enough, there were so many Korean restaurants concentrated in one place that I would be forgiven for thinking that I have actually arrived in Seoul, or may be Cheju Island!

We popped into Nak Won Restaurant on the recommendation of a half-Korean friend. The service was excellent and we ran through the menu as if we had a million bucks in our pockets.

Within 10 minutes, there were so many dishes on the table, it wasn’t so funny anymore. However, our appetites are the constant envy of skinny friends, so we tucked in. Let me say that the Korean beef barbecued meat is excellent beyond words and some of the dishes were quite interesting – an acquired taste, I assure you.

We were thoroughly fascinated by the long, stainless steel, flat chopsticks. We actually walked into one of the four Korean supermarkets nearby and bought a few pairs. Really fun.

Since our Korean friends have so many different dishes that we are now making plans for a return visit. This time we are going to try something new. Bill for the entire table of food for a party of four? Only RM168!


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2. asianpixmen - May 14, 2007

Thanks for the compliment, Mike.

Will check out your site. Have a good day!

3. asianpixmen - May 14, 2007

Mike, your website is in Arabic!

4. Ahmed - December 28, 2007

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