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Views from a Chinese temple May 20, 2007

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For thousands of years, the Chinese community has built houses of worship. Even as their ancestors fled their motherland for reasons that now laid buried with them, they carried their traditions and practices to wherever they set their roots.

In Malaysia, for example, there are Chinese temples in various parts of the country. Many are found in caves because these places are considered conducive for meditation and prayer.

In small towns, inconspicuous temples sprouted up for the local Chinese residents. The temple is for those people seeking solace and reassurance for an earthly life well lived.

Prayers and meditation are made available for those who have pursued material possessions and in the end found only misery and unhappiness. Thus, the temple serves two main purposes: one, to remind the Chinese of their precious ancient traditions, and two, a portal for them to communicate with entities beyond to parley for peace of mind and continued good health, and also protection of loved ones.


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