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All kinds of cutlery and sharpened tools in Taipei May 25, 2007

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Shilin is very well known for its night market in the city of Taipei, Taiwan but that’s not what I want to talk about here. There is a small knife shop in Shilin that will  bring tears of joy to a knife collector’s eyes.

I learnt about this shop from one of my knife friends residing in Taipei. When I walked in, I nearly collapsed out of sheer joy. Never have I seen so many knives in such a small, confined space.

Of course, the fact that the Malaysian ringgit is not considered legal tender in Taiwan also almost brought me to tears but for a different reason. I spotted a damascus hunting knife which was par excellence and the proprietor even refused to take a credit card.

What is a man to do? So I bought only a small folder which has been in production at that shop for two generations. The Shilin knife shop is famous for its leaf-shaped folder. Supposed to be their flagship item.

Needless, I made a mental note to myself for a longer visit on my second trip to Taiwan. So far, no luck!



1. Morgan - November 4, 2008

Hi there. I’m a knife nut myself and am in Taiwan for a week; where exactly is this store located? Those butterfly knives in your first picture look sweet. 🙂

2. aaron meyer - December 21, 2009

I live in Taipei I’m curious exactly where this shop is in Shilin, as I have been up there several nights on the weekends and have to see it, if you could send me a google map, or address or something. Thanks

3. Darryl - June 21, 2010

I bought one of the Shi Lin folders when I lived on Taiwan in the 80’s. I plan to visit tomorrow! I think this is the address:

Location: No.74, Dabei Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111
Fax: 886-2-2880-5829
Telephone: 886-2-2881-2856
Open Time: Daily 09:30 to 22:00; Closed for three days from Lunar New Year Eve
Transportation: Take the No. 2, 216 (Shuttle), 218, 218 (Night), 220 (Shuttle), 224, 250, 266, or 266 (Shuttle) bus to Xiaobei St.
MRT Station: From Jiantan Station walk about 10 minutes.

4. Charlemagne - July 15, 2014

does this place have a website?

Darryl - July 15, 2014

Not that I know of, they are pretty low-tech. I just hope they are still around.

Darryl - July 15, 2014

Found it!
Not sure they are taking orders though.

Darryl - July 15, 2014

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