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There’s no smoke without a hookah! June 13, 2007

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I heard some talk not that long ago that some residents in our great capital city of Kuala Lumpur have taken a liking to smoking the hookah.

Before you jump up and ask “what is that?”, permit me to enlighten you with my limited knowledge of that implement. A hookah has its origins in India. However, its popularity only spread during the time when the Ottoman Turks ruled parts of the world over on our side.

  The hookah has other names, and they are sheesha, nargeela, ghalyan and okke. It works by indirect heat and through water filtration. The ones I saw were placed strategically at a stall in a restaurant opposite the Sunway College back entrance.

   Business must be good, otherwise the stall wouldn’t have kickstarted its business in that place. I can almost visualise some exam-tired students heading towards this hookah stall for a quick smoke. The ingredients include tobacco and some fruit extracts of your choice.

  In countries like Armenia, Syria, Iran, Greece, Jordan, Albania and Bulgaria, the hookah is rather common.  In Malaysia, it is still a fairly new thing but it’s catching on.



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