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Ancestors and a lingering legacy June 15, 2007

Posted by asianpixmen in Culture, Malaysia, People, Places.


Sprinkled all over Peninsular Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak are pockets of Chinese living in towns, villages and in remote conclaves. Through the centuries, countless had journeyed their way from China to this part of the world.

Many had planted their roots here and never went home. While others have arrived in tattered clothes and died in poverty, there were a sizeable number who came under adverse conditions and made good.

Those pioneers who had finally built a sound financial foundation for their descendants sometimes constructed what hokkiens called “kong Chu” or ancestral mansions or homes.

Within the walls of such buildings are paintings or pictures of the ancient ones who had struggled, slogged and eventually died very wealthy men and women. The above picture is from one of these ancestral homes.

  The pictures depict the forbears who blazed a trail that paved the way for their 20th and 21st century descendants to live in comfort, have nice homes and sound education for their children and grandchildren.

 Thus, it is the tradition of overseas Chinese to remind their families and those yet to be born that they should not forget the sacrifices made by their great great grandfathers and great great grandmothers for their sakes.

  We of the modern generation occasionally make our way back to these ancestral homes to remind ourselves that we are blessed today because our forefathers had got down on their hands and knees to carve out a living and a comfortable life for the rest who followed.



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