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Some edible things are just cut and dried June 29, 2007

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MOST of us eat processed foods. It is an inevitable part of our food chain system. Over here in the East, there is the processed food and there is the other “processed food.”

The first belongs to the category where the items are produced by factories and other machined buildings, with a little help from human hands.

Among the Chinese, dried foodstuff and other edible items are organised by traders and others who have made it their calling to make all housewives’ lives a little easier.

  Feel that your larder needs some ground pepper, dried cuttle fish or maybe some special cinnamon bits, then head for one of these specialised food shops. There are not many around but some towns and cities have them.

  Almost all these shops do thriving business because not only homes but restaurants and other smaller grocery shops get their supplies from these places. You may think that those packaged dehydrated seahorses or dried beetles are a terrible sight to behold but in the right hands, these items can either become a delicacy on a dining table or a life-giving potion for a discerning consumer.

  Personally, I love shops like these because there are only so much a hypermarket can stock. Some of the special products, they simply don’t have!



1. ena - January 26, 2008

thank ua

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