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O Bangsar, how ye has changed! July 12, 2007

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I have fond memories of Bangsar. However, today’s Bangsar is foreign to me. Back in the 1980s when I was a resident there, it was much quieter. The present Maybank used to be nothing but a field of grass.

   My friends and I used to have teh tarik at the corner where Maybank stands now. There were those “warung” and “gerai” that sprouted up after dark and added an ambience of KL -in-the-eighties.

    The roads were not congested like they are now. Rocky the restaurant had already sprung into being by then. Houses in Bangsar were considered prime properties. Back when Bangsar first sprung onto the real estate market, I believe it was in the very early 70s, Bangsar houses were at giveaway prices.

   For RM500 downpayment, you could have the keys to a single storey house in Bangsar. Not many takers back then. Jalan Maarof spotted more greenery than people.

   Today’s Bangsar seems like a foreign neighbourhood to me. The people are also generally quite different. Most of them look like “outsiders”. Bangsar pioneers have a certain “look”. They usually look quite disenchanted by the rapid developments that have embraced the district. Not that they could do anything about it.

   Besides the escalating prices of house prices in Bangsar, one could say that Bangsar had lost its innocence a long time ago. Today, it is a blot (not plot) of soil somewhere between Brickfields and Damansara. So much for progress.

   Thank God, I was there before all that development landed right smack into ground zero!


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