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Ifra men cross the borderless frontier July 17, 2007

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In a meeting that involved some senior Ifra members and Southeast Asian journalists held in Kuala Lumpur recently, the issue of blogging was keenly discussed.

  Newsmen from Indonesia, India, Singapore and Malaysia pooled their experiences together and shared experiences with their counterparts about the latest developments on the Net.

  Shedding light on the worldwide issue of online journalism and Internet blogging were Kevin Anderson, Guardinan online editor, VisualEditors CEO Robb Montgomery and Steve Yelvington of Morris Digital Works.

  These three fine gentleman provided some interesting insight on Citizen Media at the three-day workshop. Even though it was clear that information and ideas were almost exclusively from the West, we in the East were aware that the tide of ideas will wash ashore on our side of the world in due course.

   This begs the question: How is Asia reacting to this borderless phenomenon? My take is Asia will chart its own course. The population of Asia exceeds three billion and the Internet “bomb” went off some time ago.

  The ripple effect is fast spreading across the region and is echoing back at breakneck speed. While novel ideas and unprecedented developments are inevitable, the course that the Internet glacier will take is not so easily predictable.

   One could say that we are trekking deep in the labyrinth of information overload but what does it portend for us in the next five years? Already, socio-political events are shaped in no small way by the Internet and to some extent by bloggers.

  What these will all do and how far the effects will spread are rather murky on the predictability chart. But mediamen who hold dear to lofty ideals and nobler purposes would like to see that positive effects of Citizen Media (for want of a better description).

    If at all possible, and I believe it is, journalists who know about this global phenomenon and are currently involved in it, want to chart a better course for our own communities and thus, contribute in a significant way to a better world in the long run.

  If this be our role in the years to come, let it be so and may courage be our constant companion.



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