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Chinese carp for tranquillity and visual relaxation July 22, 2007

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There used to be a time when the breeding of ornamental Chinese carp, or Koi, whichever you prefer, were the preferred pastime of the nouveau rich but these days, these are days even shopping centres have them.

According to popular opinion, live fish (Chinese carp) swimming lazily in recycled water are supposed to bring good fortune and prosperity to the premises. Thus, you also find these fish in bungalows with compounds big enough to have a fountain accompanied by a pond.

   In Southeast Asia wherever there are Chinese communities, these fish in ponds are proliferating like the carp in other regions. Most Chinese carp are of the freshwater variety. They flourish perpectually and perenially like the tropical grass in Southeast Asia.

   The Chinese carp, for culinary reasons, have been bred, spawned and spread throughout Eastern Europe since the fifties. Today, the fish is bred and then commercially sold as fry in farm hatcheries. Maturity can be reached in five to seven years.

  Male carps reach maturity one or two years earlier than females.



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