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Terengganu boats add colour to the coastline July 27, 2007

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Craft, Malaysia, People, Places.


For those who are familiar with Terengganu, they (the locals) will tell you that Terengganu boats can be identified by their colours and shape.  City dwellers are usually unaccustomed to the ways of the riverine folk or seafaring people.

  We take for granted life in the concrete jungle. Seafaring inhabitants will tell you that the sea speaks to them in so many ways. They will tell of the signs that forewarn of heavy rains and why the catches will be few that day or that week.

  The more experienced ones will advise you on what kind of fish is tastier when grilled or what type of fish, exalted by city people, are treated with disdain by the people-of-the-sea. Yes, the blue waters holds more mysterious for us city dwellers than the sea of the people because the sea speaks to them in ways unknown to the inland residents.

The wind, the rain, the waves and the sunset across the horizon are Nature’s call signs which many of us are not privileged to understand. That is why the sea is held dear only by those who know and understand her.



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