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Garden of Eden in shopping complex August 30, 2007

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The One Utama shopping complex has one of the most interesting indoor gardens in Klang Valley. For those who are unaware of its existence, it is located somewhere in between the old wing and new wing of 1 Utama.

There is a botanist who looks after the place. He has a team of full time 1 Utama “gardeners” to help keep the place in pristine condition. There is no soil at the indoor atrium because soil would be more of a hindrance than anything else. So the solution which was decided a long time ago was charcoal.

The garden which has trees and shrubs grown and transplanted at its conception reach the height of about three floors. That explains the series of escalators that are found in the area and the levels that provide a semi-panoramic view of the indoor garden.

The story behind the 1 Utama atrium is not well publicised but the results are obvious and well received by shoppers who go there for a respite.


Best beef noodles in Petaling Street a.k.a. Chee Cheong Kai August 29, 2007

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This woman here (left) sells arguably the best beef noodles in Petaling Street. She actually has a stall along the main road near Petaling Street. That stall operates in the morning till about 3pm.

That half-shop is away from public view so a lot of people tend to overlook it. But come 6pm, this enterprising beef noodles woman sets up shop along the alley in Petaling Street.

Business is usually quite brisk because her customers, me included, know of her whereabouts and her schedule. At RM5 a pop, it is not exactly cheap but it’s value for money. So if you are one of those diehard beef noodles people, check this place out.

Order two bowls if you are really hungry, I won’t mind!!

Newsmen’s haven August 28, 2007

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A lot of people are often curious as to what kind of environment do journalists, pressmen and media people work in.  Well, here it is. this is only one section of an editorial department located in Klang Valley.

If you can guess which newspaper office this is, you are smarter than most, or you could just be working there! Anyway, journalists are often tired people because they are always running around at the behest of much harassed editors who don’t have much time for their wives and children.

Perhaps I am wrong but not by much.  Young girls who plan to have a great social life are not advised to become journalists. It often takes up too much of a person’s time, too much effort and the pay is nothing to tell home about.

Petaling Street when it pours August 26, 2007

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You probably know what it’s like when it rains cats and dogs in the heart of the city. I am talking about KL. At Petaling Street, vendors and hawkers are running all over the place. Some poking at their tarpaulin covers with poles to drain the excess water.

This shot was taken from the weather-worn pedestrain bridge that links opposite sides of the busy street. It was one of those days that few would want to venture out on the soggy streets. I was one of the odd street people who obviously like to get wet.

Spiralling hopes of religious fervour August 26, 2007

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There was time in the distant past when vertical joss sticks and thick smoke were the mainstay of Chinese temples. Times have changed.

These days, spiralling joss cones adorn the ceilings of most of these temples. Somehow, they seem to brighten up the place of worship. These religious items are not exactly cheap but they do satisfy those devotees who come with special prayers in their hearts and silent requests.

We all know the peace and inner satisfaction that come with sincerity and earnest wishes. Most of our mothers and some of our fathers have been inside these places, requesting special favours on our behalf.