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Gone fishing in Behrang Stesen August 2, 2007

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Behrang Stesen in Perak is not exactly the most well known place in Malaysia but among those who know their fishing holes, Behrang rings a bell in their heads.

The nice thing about Behrang Stesen is that everything there seems dated or jaded, whichever description fits. It is a charming old place that clearly has seen better days.

However, it allure as proclaimed by some are its fishing tackle shops. It has three, I think. All these shops are well stocked with things related to angling. Anglers will be more than pleased to know that they can get all they need and more from these shops.

There’s nothing much to see at this place, unless you like to watch green trees and cows lazing in the distance. It offers peace and quiet and curious stares from its residents. Be ready to smile at as many people as possible.



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