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Behind the Bamboo curtain August 3, 2007

Posted by asianpixmen in Flora/Plants, Malaysia, Nature, Places.




It has always been my personal preference to have a small bamboo grove in my backyard but a member of my family cast her veto right to cold storage the proposal.

 It seems that bamboo attracts snakes. That is debatable, of course but in my household Security Council, I am as much right as Vanuatu somewhere out there in the oceans.

There are more than 1,000 species of bamboo in the world. It is found in as remote as Sakhalin in East Asia to as far as the south of Chile. The only places that don’t have bamboo are major parts of Australia, Antartica, Europe, West Asia, north Africa and Canada.

In Malaysia, there are bamboo aplenty out there in the wild and for aesthetic purposes, bungalows or houses with big compounds sometimes have them in various shades of brown, green and red.

Bamboo can be used as garden plant or as building material. Chinese calligraphers in the days of yore loved bamboo because it symbolises resilience, exuberance of life, hope, joy and a love for life and hereafter (whatever that means).

Whenever, my eyes are tired I will cast my eyes on my wallpaper at the bamboo scenery on my PC.


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