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Garden of Eden in shopping complex August 30, 2007

Posted by asianpixmen in Flora/Plants, Malaysia, Places.


The One Utama shopping complex has one of the most interesting indoor gardens in Klang Valley. For those who are unaware of its existence, it is located somewhere in between the old wing and new wing of 1 Utama.

There is a botanist who looks after the place. He has a team of full time 1 Utama “gardeners” to help keep the place in pristine condition. There is no soil at the indoor atrium because soil would be more of a hindrance than anything else. So the solution which was decided a long time ago was charcoal.

The garden which has trees and shrubs grown and transplanted at its conception reach the height of about three floors. That explains the series of escalators that are found in the area and the levels that provide a semi-panoramic view of the indoor garden.

The story behind the 1 Utama atrium is not well publicised but the results are obvious and well received by shoppers who go there for a respite.



1. Indoor Garden - December 5, 2007

Having plant or trees inside a shopping complex is really a great idea since it creates a different atmosphere which are cool and clean. These plant give additional relaxing effect to everyone because of the color green and filters the air.


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