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Ipoh Curry Mee stands on its own September 14, 2007

Posted by asianpixmen in Culture, Food, Malaysia, Places.


If you ask people from Ipoh what Ipoh is famous for, one of the answers you will hear is – curry mee! Of course, Ipoh is also well known for its limestone hills and caves, pomeloes and Menglembu groundnuts.

I won’t go into the subject of Ipoh girls. A long, long time ago, people used to say Ipoh girls are the prettiest in the country. Well, the latest I hear is that this is no longer true.

Since I don’t want to be slapped around unnecessarily, I will stick to Ipoh curry mee. What you see above is Ipoh curry mee with its special flavour. The taste is unique because it’s sweetish sour. The aroma is enhanced by the curry leaves and roast pork and char siew.

It is usually served piping hot and some tau foo pok. There’s a stall in Ming Tien Food Court in Taman Megah that has an authentic version of the Ipoh curry mee. The other plate of fried stuff is actually deep-friend mushrooms. Another of my favourites.

Wash it all down with soya bean, to neutralise the spiciness and the curry. If you have a weak belly, you may not be able to handle it that well. Nevertheless, once tasted, no longer shy, as they say.


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