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Lights that signal another festive season is on its way October 31, 2007

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Early this year, I was at Genting Highlands and outside one of the First World Hotel’s main entrance was this very attractive set-up.

It was then Chinese New Year season. Right now, we are in the midst of the Deepavali season which is only about a week away. Somehow, while I was gallivanting around Klang Valley, time has given me the slip again. By the time, the Festival of Lights is upon us, the Christmas bells can be heard in the distance.

Before you know it, the drums and sound of firecrackers of Chinese New Year will be within earshot. How the festivities surprise us all at the most unexpected moments. Isn’t that great?!


Basket case – in the name of handicraft October 28, 2007

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If you are one of those intrepid backalley explorers, you will bound to come across handicraft and items of local origin that are ingeniously made.

There were times when Malaysian master craftsmen have impressed me no end. Take, for example, the baskets above. They are not only well made but functional and practical. I found them for sale at the back alley in the Masjid India area.

Sometimes, we are only too eager to be impressed by foreign products when our own home grown handicraft are by far better and more well made.

Left high and dry – clothes wet and washed October 28, 2007

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If you are a resident of one of the numerous and ubiquitous high-rise buildings in Klang Valley, then you will realise the limitations of hanging out your clothes to dry.

I used to stay in such a place somewhere off Loke Yew Road years ago. Believe me, the various ways we can think of in drying our clothes borders on genius level.

Back in those days, nobody has heard of the dryer or the existence of one. These days, those more swanky apartment buildings have their own humungus dryers somewhere on the ground floor. These people just don’t know how lucky they are.

Time for a coffee-break, gentlemen! October 25, 2007

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There was a time when scenes like this were common. But these days, you can rarely find senior citizens sitting around nonchalantly in coffee shops, with one leg folded up, dressed in their casuals and chatting about anything under the sun.

In big towns, you can hardly find anybody without a shirt. Some men are even ashamed to be caught wearing just a singlet. Perhaps it is the sign of the times. Back in those memorable days, Chinese elders walk around in what we used to call “fisherman’s shorts”.

These are normally blue in colour with vertical stripes. They are loose, baggy and looks like a pair of shorts. Nobody had heard of Calvin Klein or Crocodile Brand when hurricane lamps adorn the interior of some homes.

 These two gentlemen were spotted having their little R&R at the Pasir Penambang town near Kuala Selangor. We should all learn to be just as relaxed as them.

Breaking fast at Masjid India October 23, 2007

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The recent Ramadan preceding Hari Raya on Oct 13 & 14 was a testimony of the great religous fervour that swept across the Peninsula. Down at Masjid India, the hawkers were out in force and around 7pm every evening, the rows of tables adjoining the hawker centre were packed with Muslims, waiting to break the fast.

 Visitors to Malaysia would no doubt be impressed by the discipline and patience exhibited by Malaysians who are Muslims. This is certainly one of Malaysia’s proud religious traditions that has been practised for centuries.