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Pretty trees all in a row but it’s crows’ kingdom! November 23, 2007

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These well pruned trees, tall and stately, neatly in a row too, are located along Jalan Burhanuddin in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL. During the day, the trees provide shelter for cars parked beneath it but after 6pm, any motorist who’s desperate enough to park along the parking bays opposite the row of shops where the trees are, will be subjected to the droppings of crows.

After dusk, thousands of crows returned to these trees from various parts of Klang Valley. The daytime when they foraged for food would probably have been fruitful… I mean their bellies. So there is a constant rain of crow droppings like how the Allied planes bombarded war-time Germany.

Recently, I was foolhardy enough to ignore warnings and was aghast to find out minutes later that my poor car which was just cleaned and washed was then covered by “gifts” from the crows.

City Hall shooters sometimes come and take pot shots at these feathered pests but it won’t be long before the crows return to their bad habits. Crows are actually quite smart. Try disturbing one of their young and they will turn on the culprit like a pack of wolves.


Pancakes – Street style November 22, 2007

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In every town, there will be one guy or woman out with his mobile stall selling the ubiquitous pancake.

These days, pancakes come in different variations. There is the medium-sized round pancake that comes with a pinch of coconut grating, sugar and maybe a touch of corn (from a can, of course).

Then there is its bigger cousin, the kuali-sized pancake that is favoured by the Chinese community. Normally, one piece will suffice for most people but I have seen some greedy eaters wolfing down two to three slices of the bigger pancake.

Taste great but watch out for the pincers November 22, 2007

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You will be surprised to learn that not that many people have seen crab traders like this man in an open wet market. Most city folks these days buy everything they need from the supermarket or the hypermarket.

Those who are from an older generation will know that sight like this was common in the old days and still exists in certain streets where housewives like their food really fresh.

Of course, the claws or pincers have been suitably tied for customers’ convenience. Have I ever told you about those big, green monster crabs that are found in the delta of the great Perak river?

Cactus, cactus everywhere November 18, 2007

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Cactus is preferred by some houseowners as an appropriate indoor plant. There are places in Malaysia and around the world where cacti are grown commercially for domestic purposes as well as for export.

Taiwan has upped the ante as far as the cactus is concerned. There is a place called Nantou in Taiwan that specialises in the growing of flowers and cacti. If you are lucky enough to come across this place, get down from the van, car or bus and walk.

You will be treated to wondrous sights of acres and acres of flowers that will leave you with a lifetime of beautiful memories.

Traditional Chinese music amid rustic surroundings November 18, 2007

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How often does one get serenaded by a group of musicians expertly playing Chinese traditional musical instruments? Not often, I bet.

So when such an experience is thrust upon oneself, the worse thing that the individual can do is to resist the pleasure of listening to such fine music. However, when the tide of music flows with the rhythm of the soothing ambience on a mountain resort, then heaven has benevolently touched your heart.

   Embrace those moments, for they are as fleeting as a vision of heaven can be for us mortals!