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Best bread in town – naan better! November 4, 2007

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Naan comes in various flavours. There are the garlic naan, butter naan, pizza naan, cheese naan, Taj Mahal naan, Shah Jehan naan, etc. I have tried most of them.

The garlic naan is one of my favourites for evening meals. Butter naan is also high on my list. But few customers have taken a peek at the naan while it is “on the boil”. Recently, I dipped my head into one of the ‘hot zones’ to have a closer look at how a naan is made. I am talking about the big, round charcoal urn.

I stretched my digital camera to its limits or rather put it through the baptism of fire, literally. The visual results were astounding! You judge for yourself.

These big clay urns are reportedly imported from India and the material that makes up the urn is of a certain consistency, otherwise you won’t get the right naan at the right temperature, and texture.

The red colour, skinless tandoori chicken goes well with naan. Throw in the curry, fish or chicken, and you will have a feast. Don’t forget the big glass of teh tarik, kurang manis!


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