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Plant for all seasons November 8, 2007

Posted by asianpixmen in Flora/Plants, Malaysia, Nature, Places.


Bamboo is a symbol of everything that’s strong about Asia. It is resilient, firm without being inflexible, strong without being tough, and useful to the nth degree.

I grew up amid surroundings that included willow trees, meandering brooks, wild ducks and gentle rivers with quiet flowing waters.

But bamboo has always remained foremost in my mind but it has the essence of what is quintesentially Asia. Bamboo grows at an alarming rate daily. It has so many uses that without it, many Asian communities would have been at a loss hundreds of years ago.

   Calligraphers use bamboo to depict the core of life. It tells tales with its shape of leaves, the direction it bends to the wind and the thickness of the bamboo holds a thousand meanings known to those who know.

When a bamboo grove sits beside a gentle river, it is a story of life that flows in our midst. It is the force that powered generations before us, and centuries before our ancestors. The bamboo carries in its leaves, its trunks and its changing colours of the seasons, an image of our very souls surviving, thriving and regenerating forevermore on this planet we all called Earth.


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