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Way to go, Bond! December 31, 2007

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When Casino Royale hit the screens some months ago, I didn’t go to see it. Blame it on my fixation on Sean Connery. Since Connery left the world of spies to the also-rans, I lost interest in the super agent stuff.

But that lack of interest didn’t stop me from oogling at his super-duper car in Casino Royale. This car was actually on display at the foyer of Berjaya Times Square in the heart of the city. Just when I thought of pulling out my chequebook, the “jaga” who was keeping a close watch on that car, told me that it belongs to some mega-rich guy staying in Klang Valley.

So much for my preconceived notion that there are not that many super-wealthy people in good old KL. This car however is one classy piece of work. Even if you give it to me, I don’t want. Too many people know how to make it disappear in 60 seconds!

Go ahead, just offer me the car!


There’s something brewing at Old Town December 31, 2007

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Sometimes in a hot, humid afternoon when you find yourself languishing in some shopping complex without a thought of the most productive thing to do, please walk in search of a nice, cool food court.

It was my lucky day recently, when I accidentally stumbled onto the lower basement of the Low Yat Plaza which has a cool looking food court. There was another adjoining food court called Lemon Grass or something but I preferred this one.

The phrase “old town” has been overused. Just ask any Ipoh resident who has made KL home for the past 20 years. To Ipoh folks, there is only one old town, and it is theirs, just immediately after that bridge over Kinta river along Hugh Low Street.

Anyway, this Old Town is not bad if you are thirsty. It’s cappucinno is worth its prices but then I don’t exactly relish drinking coffee all the time. Call me a Milo man. Anyway, I made an exception that day because I was having nasi kunyit as a side-dish.

It’s a nice place considering there were a few thousand people outside in the streets and backalleys pushing one another to get ahead.

Comics used to cost very much less December 30, 2007

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THERE was a time when the world was very young, so was I, and the comics cost only about $1.50 each. But why talk about those financially manageable days.

These days, unless the comics title is something that I crave for, I will scout around flea markets, looking for bargains. Occasionally, I do get lucky but not often.

There is a flea market guy at Amcorp Mall every Sunday (well, almost) who sells his second-hand comics at reasonable prices. The good tradepaperbacks, of course, are not going for a song, so don’t hope for it.

These days, I heard, young people tend to go for manga. Manga as it turns out, is even more addictive and the prices can be astronomical! So much for a cheap hobby. But I still long for those days when great comics are meant for the enjoyment of all the young kids.

Thank goodness, I still have a couple of cartons of these stashed away somewhere. Sorry, not telling!

Notice: gone fishing near the bridge! December 28, 2007

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Fishing is fun whether you are doing it yourself or at times watching others engaging in that activity. Somewhere in the heart of Kuala Kangsar, the royal town of Perak, a couple of guys who really have nothing more pleasurable pursuits showed up at the huge Perak River one afternoon with their fishing gear.

I happened to be there, too but for an altogether different purpose. My intention was to spend some leisurely hours visually browsing the beautiful landscape. My eyes rested upon those three men at a distance.

From where I stood, the river seemed quite deep but the fact that the men were in only knee-deep water revealed that silting has been going on for a long time in that area. The fish around this place aren’t that great but fish is fish. For many villagers, the activity translates to dinner on the table for a family of five or six.

From a distance … Kuan Yin blesses all December 28, 2007

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Ayer Itam in Penang has a long history with visitors, local and foreign. It is the gateway to Kek Lok Si Temple a little way uphill. In recent years, its popularity has increased several folds because of a gigantic statue of Kuan Yin or the Goddess of Mercy.

From a distance, in fact, from quite a distance, one can catch a glimpse of the heavenly figure overlooking the land below. Devotees of Kuan Yin take comfort in the fact that her physical presence is an assurance of mercy and compassion for all humans, regardless of their background.

On a misty morning when the low-lying clouds embrace the gentle slopes, the half-shrouded Kuan Yin bears a fleeting resemblance of a heavenly goddess descending to bless her subjects.