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Comics used to cost very much less December 30, 2007

Posted by asianpixmen in Culture, Miscellaneous.



THERE was a time when the world was very young, so was I, and the comics cost only about $1.50 each. But why talk about those financially manageable days.

These days, unless the comics title is something that I crave for, I will scout around flea markets, looking for bargains. Occasionally, I do get lucky but not often.

There is a flea market guy at Amcorp Mall every Sunday (well, almost) who sells his second-hand comics at reasonable prices. The good tradepaperbacks, of course, are not going for a song, so don’t hope for it.

These days, I heard, young people tend to go for manga. Manga as it turns out, is even more addictive and the prices can be astronomical! So much for a cheap hobby. But I still long for those days when great comics are meant for the enjoyment of all the young kids.

Thank goodness, I still have a couple of cartons of these stashed away somewhere. Sorry, not telling!



1. Mano Velliah - May 13, 2009

Please tell me where you stashed your cartons of comics away. I wont take them away from you. Just want to touch them.

2. Mano Velliah - May 26, 2009

halo! where lah…

3. Mano - March 3, 2016

Please give me your address – I want to help sort out the comics in your cartonslah… halo

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