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There’s something brewing at Old Town December 31, 2007

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Food, People, Places.


Sometimes in a hot, humid afternoon when you find yourself languishing in some shopping complex without a thought of the most productive thing to do, please walk in search of a nice, cool food court.

It was my lucky day recently, when I accidentally stumbled onto the lower basement of the Low Yat Plaza which has a cool looking food court. There was another adjoining food court called Lemon Grass or something but I preferred this one.

The phrase “old town” has been overused. Just ask any Ipoh resident who has made KL home for the past 20 years. To Ipoh folks, there is only one old town, and it is theirs, just immediately after that bridge over Kinta river along Hugh Low Street.

Anyway, this Old Town is not bad if you are thirsty. It’s cappucinno is worth its prices but then I don’t exactly relish drinking coffee all the time. Call me a Milo man. Anyway, I made an exception that day because I was having nasi kunyit as a side-dish.

It’s a nice place considering there were a few thousand people outside in the streets and backalleys pushing one another to get ahead.



1. Hanie - December 31, 2007

I like the way they make their kopi susu, kau! Just the way I like ’em. And since they also sell those coffees in sachets, I do buy them for my daily cafein fix as well. I love the nasi kunyit. Reminds me of breakfast in the old kampung years back.

Heres their link : http://www.oldtown.com.my

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