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Jetty too far on the other side of the island January 31, 2008

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This is one jetty that could make you break out in cold sweat. Actually, only the chicken-hearted people feel this way, so you can count me in.

I was having a leisurely walk along Kampung Nelayan in Teluk Kumbar, Penang, when I came upon this half-dilapidated jetty. Obviously, it is no longer in use but after seeing children running happily along the rickety planks, I thought it shouldn’t be such a chore to take that walk “on the wild side”.

Half-way through the jetty, I suddenly realised there was water all around me, and it looked pretty deep to me. That was when the coward side of me surged to the surface. My throat went dry, my eyes had nothing but fear and I seriously thought about my limited future.

But lo and behold, the scenery was so beautiful, I was quickly lulled into a false sense of security and merrily continued on with the 15-minute journey along the jetty. It was a worthwhile trip as I later found out. What is a little fear between adults. Remember this jetty when you find your way to Teluk Kumber the next time.


See the spiritual messages on the wall January 30, 2008

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Some of the most fascinating pictures are found in Chinese temples. I cam across this one in one of the Chinese temples in Penang.

Even though a visitor may not be familiar or may be totally ignorant of the religious teachings, pictures like the above can enlighten the stranger or a visitor.

I believe many of these porcelain drawings or paintings are imported from China where craftsmen and artists are in abundance. Many of such temple items have survived for centuries. Culture, traditions and religious practices have followed the Chinese wherever they sink their roots around the globe.

Attention, foodies! Subang rojak shifts location January 27, 2008

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OK, pay attention, you rojak maniacs of Klang Valley. This mobile rojak stall which is one of the main attractions in Subang Jaya has shifted its location from opposite the Subang Mosque.

It is now further up the road, near Hassan’s Restaurant. Its previous site is now unsuitable for conducting business due to a massive development project. If you are still not sure, keep your eyes peeled for a long queue of hungry office workers lining up for their favourite rojak.

The present location is better because it has tables and chairs. At the previous place, all those food desperadoes had to sit on the kerb or stand! Price gone up from RM3.50 (sotong and egg) to RM3.80. Inflation-lah!

The spiralling hopes of a devotee’s spiritual wishes January 23, 2008

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There are two emotions associated with a person who walks into a Chinese temple: It’s either awe or submission. Awe is usually reserved for foreign visitors of different religious persuasions.

Submission is the feeling exclusively reserved for Chinese devotees who more often than not feel humbled that he or she is walking on holy ground. Then there are the huge, colourful statues of dieties and the huge vertical joss-sticks or the spiralling ones.

Of late, the spiral ones have taken precedence at some temples because they could be hung from the ceiling, thereby giving the premises an aesthetic value of religious proportions.

Those spiralling joss don’t come cheap. But they do provide the devotee who buys them and then have them hung in the temple as a sign of his generosity and devotion to the religion. This practice has been going on for centuries. The temples were aplenty in the ancient Middle Kingdom.

  Today, eons later, Chinese temples have sprouted wherever the Chinese have sunk their roots. Traditions are part and parcel of the Chinese communities. They take their gods with them and build temples to remind themselves and the dieties that despite their worldly aspirations, a large part of their existence on earth is also a preparation for the hereafter.

Express buses to LCCT January 20, 2008

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You have got to take your hat off to those guys operating the smaller airlines at the low cost carrier terminal. They have some of the brightest ideas in town. Take for example, transport to that god-forsaken place called LCCT.

 The first time, I went there I made a wrong turn and it took me a good 10 minutes to find myself back on the right road. I don’t know how I could have made that mistake when there were about 20 signs pointing in the right direction.

These days, all those LCCT passengers can hop on to anyone of the colourful buses at KL Sentral and zip to the LCCT in  record time. I was told it cost only about RM9 per passenger. You really can’t complain over this mode of transport. Sure beats taking a taxi to the LCCT.