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Wet pasar malam at Paramount Garden, PJ February 8, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Culture, Food, Malaysia, People, Places.


I love pasar malams. They have been a source of entertainment, information and food for me for many years. One rainy Sunday, I found myself browsing the limited brave stalls next to the petrol station.

Housewives who needed some crucial essentials braved the elements to get their supplies. I was there to get my fresh supply of bananas and beehoon.

It is a myth that all things at pasar malam are cheap. Not so. But it’s always an advantage to get to know certain hawkers. After a while, a customer tends to get a fair deal.

  Pasar malams have evolved to become part of the Malaysian happening scene over the decades. Yes, they can be quite messy but with proper control and some discipline among the hawkers themselves, pasar malam should be around for a long time.



1. Kirstie - January 6, 2009

Hi, May i know the Paramount Garden Pasar Malam mostly are Chinese stall or Malay stall?
or most of the customer there are Chinese or Malay?

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