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Chinese New Year is not over just yet… February 17, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Craft, Culture, Malaysia, Places.


The Chinese in general believe that the Lunar celebrations are not over just yet until Feb 21. That’s chap goh mei or as the Hokkiens call it, the 15th Night.

That’s when you will hear the sporadic firing of crackers again. Perhaps intermittently in some housing estates. It’s nice to know that we all can get back to work and forget about what the feng shui masters tell us what to wear and what to place in different corners of our houses.

 Chinese New Year is always a time when ang pows go out, parents need to be revisited and old acquaintances, especially aging relatives must be called upon. It is a good tradition, this visiting of relatives and paying homage. Young people are fast losing this aspect of Chinese culture.

Years from now, as our parents have warned, the act of recognising your first cousins will rapidly disappear as the younger generation begins to lose touch with their nearest relatives. Why is this so is part of the rituals of growing up in the city. People no longer feel the need to maintain ties with children of aunties and uncles.

They rationalise that they have better things to do. It’s a shame of course. But one day when they are in their 60s, they will understand the wisdom of recognising and knowing your own kin and why ties must be maintained all the time. All this must be done before the grave beckons!



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