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A ticket to ride – all the way to the city March 30, 2008

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In case you don’t know, there are two Light Rail Transit lines that criss-cross the city and its outer limits. They are the Star LRT and the Putra Line.

I happen to have experience with the Putra Line because I usually either park my car at the car station or park my motorcycle on the sidewalk outside the LRT station.

One of the best things that has ever happened to this beloved KL city is the introduction of the LRT as well as the monorail. Compared to the city cabs, the price of the Monorail or LRT ticket is pittance.

I always bless this particular mode of transport whenever there’s a heavy downpour or massive jam on the highway. Nothing like that ever happens to the Monorail or the LRT.

Along with the thousands of commuters who throng the LRT stations every morning and late afternoon, I too take catnaps while the train wobbles its way to my intended destination. Great sleeping times. You can’t do that in the taxi because the guy may just take you round and round and work up a very nice bill just for you!


Local delicacies that are easy on the wallet March 30, 2008

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If you are not into designer food like American Chillis, TGIF, Burger King or Starbucks, then you would be glad to have those snack items above.

For decades, my friends and I have survived quite well on these local delicacies. If you are regular at one of those not-so-fancy pastry shops at one of the numerous shopping complexes in Klang Valley, then you would have an idea of how much those silly-looking buns cost.

You can easily spend up to $10 on those pastries and they don’t even make you feel full. Well, I have good news for you. For RM1, you can have three pieces of ubi kayu. Another RM1 will buy you three or four pieces of sliced goreng pisang and one sardin bun will cost about 50 sen.

So for a grand total of RM3, you can actually feed a family of four. Don’t be picky, go local as far as afternoon snacks are concerned. Make your own drink at home and save another dollar or two!

All the time to stand and stare… March 30, 2008

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Have you ever noticed that young children have this terrible urge to stare and look at nothing for hours? Well, I caught this boy on my camera at one of the seafood restaurants in Pasir Penambang in Kuala Selangor.

I guess he must be the son of the cook or something like that. His behaviour reminded me very much of myself when I was his age. Back in those non-Internet days, little kids in my neighbourhood like to stare at trees, the rain, the butterfly on a leave or like sparrows on the edge of the roof.

We are very observant and our mums just loved our inactivity. It helped the mothers to hold on to their sanity, otherwise we will be running around the house yelling our heads off!

I guess the environment and the times have not altered much the mindsets of kids. How times have changed. I am sure modern parents are not exactly thrilled by the fact that their little kids now ask for laptops, designer clothes and overseas holidays.

Our generation was less demanding. Basically, we had nobody to compare with.

Geyland Serai – just like home! March 30, 2008

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Malaysians have this habit of going overseas and subsconsciously look for anything that resembles home. Take for example, me. I was in Singapore and a friend exclaimed: “Let’s go and eat something that’s not to typical of Singapore.

Off we went and ended up in Geyland Serai. First thing I noticed was the small number of Chinese faces. I was quickly told that this is more of an Indian-Malay neighbourhood. The foods are exactly the kind we have north of the border. Even the roti canai and thosai looked the same.

“Just like Malaysia!” I almost shouted. “See what did I tell you? I know you would like it,” my friend quickly said, as if reading my thoughts.

Yes, we Malaysians are like that. No matter how far we wander around the globe, we end up looking for people and things from home. So typical. I will tell you on another day how we bumped into Malaysians in disguised as English in good old London.

Get away to Otway Park in Victoria, Australia March 28, 2008

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Most of you know how big Australia is, so it’s only natural that the only country that’s also a continent would have lots of evergreen parks.

Otway park in the State of Victoria is one of the many that the Aussies are very proud of. Of course, you can’t compare the tropical rainforests that are abundant in tropical countries like Malaysia. Ours are dense, thick foliage and almost impenetrable at some places.

The one you see before you is well laid out, with charming like streams and some very tall trees. The temperature is just like Genting Highlands at 10pm. That means pretty cool.

A brisk walk through Otway park should burn off some excess calories. You can reach there by way of the Grean Ocean Road. It’s a scenic drive, guaranteed to make you want to stay in Victoria a bit longer.