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Guard duty at Sun Yat Sen Memorial in Taipei March 10, 2008

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Taipei, Taiwan, if you have been there, is full of exciting things to see and great food to taste. I heard so much about the visual delights of Taiwan from friends and relatives that one day when the opportunity came, I just got up and went without a second thought.

One of the new things for my tired eyes was this place at the famous Sun Yat Sen Memorial. It has a special change of guards ceremony that put the Buckingham guards to shame. The guards move in clockwork precision and are used to tourists staring at them.

Of course, there are the usual bunch of giggling girls who would rush up and stand next to some of the better-looking guards to pose for that exciting photograph. That’s what makes Taipei different. I enjoyed the scenery in Taiwan. The temperature is just right for my Equatorial scorched skin.

However, not enough chilli there. I guess I am too used to the sambal belacan to be accepted by the locals there who clearly recognised that I am a foreign Chinese who speaks nary a word of Mandarin. And my Hokkien is a planet removed from their home-grown Hokkien which I could hardly understand. I am blaming it solely on my ancestors who emigrated to Malaysia 200 hundred years ago!



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