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Tuck in, it’s vegetarian dumplings! March 10, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Culture, Food, Other Countries, Places, Taiwan.


This bunch of Malaysian friends, with me tagging along, stumbled onto this vegetarian restaurant somewhere in downtown Taipei.

“Huang Yin, Huang Yin” remarked enthusiastically the proprietor. By the way, that’s Mandarin for “welcome, welcome!” The place was a two-storey building. Relatively clean as most eateries are in Taiwan. I believe they are quite particular about cleanliness in their eating joints.

I wish more Malaysian restaurants will take a cue from our regional neighbours. Anyway, the dumplings came in these medium-sized bamboo baskets. After the first 10, I was floored! I thought how glad I was – not to be a vegetarians. As you know with meat eaters, we are easily dissatisfied.

I am fine with vegetarian food but there’s nothing like pork belly, if you know what  I mean. Or, even those barbequed venison. All ye, vegans, please leave this site. This is strictly for the carnivarous people. But the dumplings, honestly, were not too bad but I think Taiwan has lots more to offer in terms of Chinese cuisine.



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