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Taste it before you have only gums left – Woo, woo-kok! March 16, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Food, Malaysia, Places.


You know there are some crazy people in this world who draw up those MUST-DO lists before they die or go insane. Well, if you are into that kind of thing, let me suggest that you try the woo kok at the Pun Chun Restaurant in Bidor, Perak.

This restaurant has been around for decades. So many foodies have written about it in their blogs that it is no longer funny or interesting but let me just say that if there’s anything you want to try (if you haven’t already), take a bite of their signature dish (or is it dishes) called the woo kok.

It is basically yam wrapping some roast meat with the right mix of sauces. The secret is to get those that are fresh from the wok. I was just being another busybody when I snuck into their backyard and took a look at those woo kok that were in a tray with excess oil dripping out.

My word! They were really good. So good that I have my lion’s share and proceeded to “tau pau” some extras for the journey home to KL.


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