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Panting for pan mee, dry or soup! March 24, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Food, Malaysia, Places.


Pan Mee is supposedly hand-rolled for its customised texture. However, in recent years much is mass produced. There are some stalls that actually do it before your very eyes.

I like pan mee simply because it is moe chewy and its taste is different from those ubiquitous “yellow” mee. Not all pan mee stalls are above par. There are many that do not meet our high standards.

In SS2 and parts of Brickfields, there are a handful that live up to the exacting standards of world class pan mee. Sometimes for a mere RM4, you get a whopping plate of pan mee.

The garnishings that come with pan mee are usually slivers of blackmushroom, dried ikan billis and some veggies. The soup is the creme de la creme. If you have an insipid soup then the dish is ruined.

So it all depends on how proud the hawker is with regard to his own trade. Good hawkers who sell pan mee will take big pains to ensure that their soup is the indisputable king of the hill!

Pan mee curry is decidedly different from the “kuang Loh” (dry) and the soup varieties. Those who like pan mee curry should go to the food court just outside Atria in Damansara Utama.



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