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Hey, it’s just for cleaning that cheap fish only-lah! March 26, 2008

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Sometimes when you go into a shop that sells cutlery which, by the way, includes cleavers, you will be dumbfounded to see the price tags, as I did at this shop.

RM75 for a cleaver! You gotta to be kidding??!! Anyway, that’s the prices for some sharpened tools. I was told by a bladesmith that not all knives are created equal. Some, because of its steel and workmanship, fetch higher prices than others which may look the same.

There are steels and those that are made of ceramic that cost a bomb, particularly a ceramic blade. A ceramic blade can cost anything from RM300. That means it can reach a stratosphere of about RM500. Now, who is in his right mind would part with a couple hundred of dollars for a ceramic knife?!

Well, my dear friends, a well made ceramic knife can slice through certain edible stuff like a light sabre through stainless steel. Just ask the Japanese because they actually make very good ceramic knives. For the present, ceramic blades are in limited supply because the technology that makes them is not cost effective.

Next time, when you go to your neighbourhood butcher, kindly ask him how much does his cleaver cost. You may be surprised what he will tell you.



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