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Chinatown holds many secrets in Melbourne, Australia March 28, 2008

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In many major cities around the world, there bound to be a chinatown. In fact, it would be rather unusual not to have a chinatown in most developed countries.

So Melbourne, Australia is no exception. Its chinatown is not exactly like the one we have in Petaling Street. A number of the shops are manned and owned by mainland Chinese, at least that was my perception.

  Most of the proprietors speak Mandarin if they think you are a Chinese. That’s a dead giveaway sign that they are from the mainland. Aussie Chinese speak with that Aussie twang. But chinatown is one of those places where Chinese from anywhere in the world would feel at home.

Herbs, Chinese medicine, and all kinds of noodles are found in abundance. Just like home, we usually say and how true it is!



1. cosmetictattooist - December 23, 2008

Chinatown is great!

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