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Local delicacies that are easy on the wallet March 30, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Food, Malaysia, Places.


If you are not into designer food like American Chillis, TGIF, Burger King or Starbucks, then you would be glad to have those snack items above.

For decades, my friends and I have survived quite well on these local delicacies. If you are regular at one of those not-so-fancy pastry shops at one of the numerous shopping complexes in Klang Valley, then you would have an idea of how much those silly-looking buns cost.

You can easily spend up to $10 on those pastries and they don’t even make you feel full. Well, I have good news for you. For RM1, you can have three pieces of ubi kayu. Another RM1 will buy you three or four pieces of sliced goreng pisang and one sardin bun will cost about 50 sen.

So for a grand total of RM3, you can actually feed a family of four. Don’t be picky, go local as far as afternoon snacks are concerned. Make your own drink at home and save another dollar or two!


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