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Floating mosque of the Pearl of the Orient April 11, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Blogroll, Craft, Malaysia, Places.

There are many things to see on Penang island. One of these is this floating mosque. It was built after the tsunami of 2004 destroyed a nearby mosque in Tanjung Bunga.

It is certainly one of the most beautiful structures in the surrounding area. Against the beautiful skyline and the surrounding beaches, the floating mosque or Masjid Terapung as it is known to the locals, it is testimony of the resilience that makes up Penang.



1. Eleanor Hoh - April 12, 2008

Beautiful photos, I am so thrilled to find this site esp. of Penang because my family is having our reunion in Penang this summer. I am enjoying looking through the photos and cannot believe you are offering for us to use your photos. I teach Asian wok cooking and love to share with students Asian culture and cuisine. Always nice to show how beautiful Asia is. Thanks for sharing.

2. asianpixmen - April 13, 2008

Nice to hear from you, Eleanor. Former residents of Penang do revisit their beloved island now and then.

Relatives and food are the great attractions. Take your time when you are in Penang. Have a nice long, cool drink at the coffeehouse at the Tropical Spice Garden up in Batu Ferringhi,

I guarantee, you and your family won’t regret it. The scenery is breathtaking. That’s what life is all about – those beautiful moments in times, locked forever in your heart and mind, no matter how far you have journeyed.

Live long and prosper!

3. navedz - January 21, 2009

Beautiful Photo…

Read and watch the Video Documentary on the Major Expansion of Masjid Al Nabawi (The Prophet Muhammad ‘s (PBUH) Mosque).


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