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Living in a beehive environment in the city April 17, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Culture, Malaysia, Miscellaneous, People, Places.

Those who are lucky enough to live in more plush surroundings probably don’t know what it’s like to stay in a flat like the above.

I lived in one of these several decades ago. In fact, I was a resident for about 4 years. On hindsight, it wasn’t such a terrible existence. For one thing, access to food and other amenities was eminently easy.

Getting about in the city was also relatively easy. From experience, I can tell you that the city “sleeps” for only about an hour every 24 hours, and that is from 3am to 4am. By the time, the hour slips past 4am, the city slowly stirs.

The sounds of cars and pre-dawn lorries could be heard outside. Many street vendors wake up around this time. They are up at 4am, making preparations to sell their wares or food stuff at the very latest 7pm.

It was a learning experience. So don’t begrudge what these people earn. It’s all hard work and it is a daily grind. Definitely not for the softies or weak-willed.



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