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Tale of an old man and the sea May 2, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Culture, Malaysia, Miscellaneous, People, Places.

Most people who are used to working in air-conditioned surroundings are not aware of what it’s like to work under a blazing sun. In a not-so-remote part of Penang island, called Tanjung Bunga where Masjid Terapung is located is a community of fishermen.

Hours after the sun-at-12-high are rows of boats anchored in the shallow waters. This lone fisherman has not finished with his duties. With just a small cap for protection against the scorching sun, he attends to his net, totally absorbed in his chore and oblivious to the sun.

No doubt he’s used to the elements which would be considered punishing to city folks. But life goes on for people like him and other sea-faring folks. We admire them from afar. We may even have an unspoken sympathy for their livelihood but we will never be able to walk in their shoes because we are simply not tough enough to do their jobs.




1. dabinl10 - May 2, 2008

nice title choice 🙂

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