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Glorious mysteries of a Chinese temple May 11, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Culture, Malaysia, Miscellaneous, Nature, People, Places.

Deep in the heart of one of Ipoh’s cave temples is Kek Lok Si. Kek Lok Si Temple in chronological time is probably one of the youngest temples in Kinta Valley.

Its age is about 80 years or so. In its early years, it was used as a kind of a stopover for those lorries plying a route that bypassed it.

Later as the decades passed by, Chinese traders began to see it as a centre for their religious activities. Thus, altars were probably built and gradually, people began to converge there for spiritual missions known best to themselves.

A number of years ago (in recent  memory), the Kek Lok Si Temple underwent a transformation because some benefactor invested a sizeable amount of money to turn it into a religious sanctuary as well as a tourist attraction in the State of Perak.

Its interior and other natural rock formations make it a perfect location for meditation and appreciation of nature with all its blessings. Of course, there are many other caves that can match Kek Lok Si but it stands as one of the newest and has some wonderful things that are beneficial for the body, mind and soul.



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