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Down by the Kuala Kangsar river May 20, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Malaysia, Miscellaneous, People, Places.

You have heard of bicycle ride, trishaw ride, bus ride, maybe even buffalo cart ride but river boat ride may not be so common in this day and age.

Well, down by the Kuala Kangsar river in the heart of the royal town Kuala Kangsar, Perak, there is such a service that ferries villagers who are staying on the other side of the river bank to the commercial centre of KK.

When I became a commuter on a hot afternoon, the fare was 30 sen. It was a picturesque outing, the kind that city dwellers would be fascinated with. For the local folks, it is a mundane activity that draws no excitement.

Anyway, it was a far cry from the traffic jams that clog streets in Ampang, Jalan Duta, Brickfields and roads all over Subang Jaya. A boat ride along Kuala Kangsar is therapeutic. It slows down your heartbeat and makes you reflect on the simpler things in life.

Thus, you may even want to change your priorities in life. Instead of acquiring a bigger car and a bigger house, you may want to think of taking long walks and eating simple food along the road side.

Instead of wearing the latest Jimmy Choo shoes or the latest suit designed by Zegna, you may opt for singlet and a pair of fisherman’s shorts.

Good life can be distilled down to an issue of how simple your life is.



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