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Heong Penh – the Chinese know all about it June 12, 2008

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Almost everybody likes their food fresh. This goes for biscuits, cakes, and other yummy delicacies. In Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor, there are several shops that sell, among other snacks, heong penh.

I guess I don’t have to explain this kind of biscuit to the Chinese because it is one of their favourites. The heong penh in Pasir Penambang, particularly at this shop, is simply marvellous.

It goes down well with tea or coffee. One is usually enough for me but on a happy day, I will gobble down two. That’s a bit greedy of me but what to do, sometimes you just can’t disobey your stomach.

The heong penh and other kinds of biscuits sell at three packets for RM10. That was before the petrol price hike. I won’t be surprised, it’s now RM12 for three packets of your choice.


The final resting place for all of us…………… June 9, 2008

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Most of us don’t like to dwell on death but the inevitable will soon creep up to us. It is a place where all earthly concerns end.

  It is that zone that scares many who cling firmly onto their material possession. But to the kind-hearted and those who have a certain understanding with the Almighty, these green acres are home for the soul.

The above site is the Western Road cemetery in Penang. Frankly, it is one of the most peaceful places on the island. It has a mixture of Catholic and Protestant graves. There are also graves of fallen soldiers going back at least one hundred years.

Space for fresh graves is now almost all taken up but this cemetery remains one of the landmarks for the Christian community in Penang. There are at least eight of my relatives buried here.

A cemetery serves to remind all of us that life is fleeting and material possessions are but like the mist in the early morn. When it’s time to call it a day, so to speak, everything must be returned to Mother Earth.

Therefore, learn to laugh, cry if you want but generally enjoy life. It’s too short to be reserved for the hypochondriacs, worriers and the pessimists. Dust unto dust, if you know what I mean…..

The last heritage of Chinatown June 8, 2008

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Petaling Street used to have many old building of varying frontages. But time and progress have caught up with the place.

It’s Kuala Lumpur’s old Chinatown, and tourists continue to flock to this place the moment they touch down in Kuala Lumpur. However, in recent years old buildings have been torn down to make way for new ones.

The authorities have requested that some facades be retained for esthetic and heritage purposes. Thus, you see in the above pictures that only the front part of an old building is left standing.

I believe in Singapore, the same concept applies. Old buildings are rebuilt, retaining vestiges of its rich past. At the same time, in Chee Cheong Kai or Petaling Street, there are some things that best left alone.

One of these is the old alleyway market. The residents around this place still throng the market at odd hours to buy some rations that are unavailable at other outlest. The place even smells old. The pathways are not so clean but customers seem to prefer it that way. Perhaps that’s what keeps the prices of item lower than normal.

it is not so much the newly painted shopfronts that oozes charm but the tiny outlets with the forgotten alleys away from sight that hold plenty of yesterday’s charms.

Slithering its way to the showroom June 6, 2008

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I have become accustomed to many gimmicks and techniques used by the experts in promoting their wares and products over the decades. But still, I was taken aback recently when I came across a glass window of a clothing shop in Petaling Street.

Slithering among the jeans and a mannequin was an albino python. Naturally, it was alive and well. If its purpose was to attraction attention, I dare say it succeeded very well.

Such an unusual going-on can only stop curious pedestrians in their tracks. Frankly, I was wondering if the nature society was pleased by this subtle exploitation of a life form.

On my second visit, I noticed the python was no longer around. Well, it was a good gimmick while it lasted. No need to go to the nearest pet shop to see some of Nature’s finest. Apparently, some of them have gone into business of their own…. Sorry about that pun.

Dr Sun Yat Sen was here June 5, 2008

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A long time ago before most of us were born, Sun Yat Sen travelled to Penang to get support for the Chinese Revolution. The year of Dr Sun’s visit was 1905.

There were some Chinese who had made their fortunes in old Malaya who extended a helping hand. One of these local Chinese was Goh Say Eng (1875-1941). It is said that he devoted his entire fortune to the cause of the Chinese Revolution.

When he died, his fortune had dissipated. The years have passed, leaving only memories. In Armenian Street, Penang today, there’s a house that is dedicated to these memories and activities of so many decades ago.

It is an interesting place where a visitor can travel back in time to recapture the essence and mood of those things long past. Sun Yat Sen is now part of history, partly Penang’s and of modern China as well.

However, who can fathom the mood of that era more than a century ago. This house in Armenian Street is a good guide for locals who are interested in Malaysian history and foreigners who wish to dig a little deeper into the activities of Sun Yat Sen.