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Behold the handiwork of the blade masters June 3, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Craft, Culture, Malaysia, People, Places.

If you a man and just so happens to like knives, blades, parangs and goloks, then you are in “trouble”.

Chances are that you won’t want anybody outside your family know about your secret little hobby. Otherwise, the first reaction you get is “waaaa…. you are a dangerous man.” Then it sort of pours down on you like an unwelcomed thunderstorm.

“I see you have a killer instinct. Thinking of doing something dangerous. Stay away from me…” These are some of the reactions you WILL get.

When these kinds of responses come my way, I can’t help but think of those news articles carried by newspapers almost daily about how a certain housewife was killed by a kitchen knife, a coffeeshop customer got done in by a stool and another pedestrian was murdered by the blow from a crash helment.

So you are very tempted to tell people, knives and blades are not the culprits but the people with murderous thoughts and the wicked hands that wield them.

Coming back to the above pictures. These are the agricultural and everyday utility tools used by the various races in our beloved land called Malaysia. Centuries ago, these were the same implements that ensured that survival of a race or a community.

So how do you cut up a fish you caught in a river? Use your hands?! Never!! How do you slice a piece of yam, cucumber or a whole bunch of veggies for the dining table? Use a stick?! Impossible!

There you go. Please use a knife. That’s what it was designed and invented for. When I see a sharpened tool, I don’t see a crime scene. I envision a long timeline of people who have survived adversity, hard times, bad times and challenging times to reach the 21st century.

I see the history of mankind cutting a path to civilisation, and shaping the future that will be good enough for his children and great-grandchildren. I imagine the ingenuity of man and all the tools he had designed and shaped for useful purposes.

See the tool, understand the design and know the past, because all these aspects will lead you to the future and understand more of the present.



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