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Go fishing – it’s good for your health June 4, 2008

Posted by asianpixmen in Activities, Malaysia, Nature, People, Places.

WOMEN have always been puzzled about men’s fascination with fishing tackle shops. If you are a guy and you happen to stumble upon a angler’s shop and all its paraphernalia, you would automatically walk in even if you are not planning any fishing excusion.

It’s one of those things about being a man. Your imagination works overtime and you have visions of yourself and a couple of buddies sitting on the bank of a forgotten river and chit-chatting about the wonders of nature or the latest gossip in  the office.

Of course, if you catch anything during the duration of your four to five hour stay at the water edge, it will be a bonus. Otherwise, just consider that another unfruitful day out there in the woods.

But fishing tackle shops in general are captivating to say the least. There are nets, reels, rods, knives, parangs, hooks and a whole of other stuff, you don’t even know exist. Of course, if you are a serious fishing person, you would have some of these precious items at home.

Otherwise, feel free to educate yourself for the next hour or so at the angler’s shop.



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